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S2 Ep. 2 Black & White Hair, American Politics and Ombre Eyebrows

Bonnets are critical-critical for a Black woman's hair - straight, coily, curly, and wavy styles benefit from their silk material.

Funny enough - David became aware of their magic during the course of our pod because Jen wears one! LOL!

For those who want to know more about bonnets, visit the article. Or listen to the episode where Ms. Maryam, a cosmetologist and teacher, breaks down the technical importance of this invention that is crucial to healthy haircare.

S3 Ep. 8 Relationships with Privilege

The Indigenous People's History of the United States should be one of life's required literary works to consume.

Jen mentioned this book at the end of the Privilege episode as a gateway to see how today's America came to be from the lived experience of Indigenous Americans.

Check out our episode and/or purchase the book by clicking the links below.

Indigenous People.jpg
television academy.png

S3 Ep. 11 Relationships with Work Colleagues

Caroline Garcia, Talent Acquisitions Leader, explains that she is ready to challenge hiring decisions "at the top."

In this episode, she provides a resource that we can all monitor to make boardrooms accountable: @show_the_boardroom on Instagram.

The trend is that decision makers in boardrooms are either all or mostly White, straight, cis men. Gacia's real world challenge and this IG account are bringing much-needed change.

Make sure you do your part to move toward equity in your lane.