About The Hosts


I’m Jen Ford. The word that best describes me is RISK-TAKER. This has manifested in many ways including -


  • Moving to Los Angeles at 23 with maybe $1,000 in my pocket; 

  • Jumping out of a perfectly good plane on my 30th birthday; 

  • Quitting a job that I really enjoyed just so that I could move to New York; and 

  • Moving across the country for love...with no actual man that had yet existed.


I’m also described as sweet, loving, kind, smart and reliable...unless I'm hungry. I value relationships more than anything – the first being with God, second myself, third my family/partner and of course, my buds. 

I was born and raised in the best city in America – Chicago – on the best side – WEST side, stand up! I attended a language academy that afforded me semi-fluency in Spanish (of which I am now conversationally fluent).


I received higher education in Washington, D.C. at The American University and graduated with a B.A. in Film and Media Arts with a minor in Justice.  

Shortly after, I moved out to L.A. to pursue documentary filmmaking, which lead to me eventually becoming a Production RISK Executive at HBO (full circle, right?). I handled the day-to-day risk management solutions for shows like “Barry,” “Insecure,” and “A Black Lady Sketch Show.”


I spent 10 years in the City of Angels, an experience that also included me being in a Korean cult for 5 1/2 of those years...more on that later. I guess you could say I lived a very entertaining LA life, to say the least. 

And now, I’m in New York on a Sex and the City tip dishing about my everyday experiences in my own acclaimed comedic blog OK So; writing for digital publications like MadameNoire and CultureBanx, and of course, podding! 


Shootin’ the Ish with a Brit highlights all of who I am and has afforded me the opportunity to learn more about myself! I hope that your listening and contribution to the conversations help you to understand a bit more about yourself as well. 

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Hello to our community of like-minded people!


I’m an immigrant living in Los Angeles California, originally from Folkestone, Kent. A town as far south-east in England as you can go and as much as I miss my family and friends, I don’t miss living there. 


I couldn’t wait to get out, and from a very young age, all I wanted to do was to travel the world and produce movies & television series.


After graduating from a film degree at Bournemouth Arts University in 2007 I went on to work professionally in the UK, as well as Asia, the Middle East and Europe. I’ve visited 48 countries, lived in 7, and I’ve found that living in Southern California is incredibly tough to beat. 


In 2017 I joined the corporate ranks of HBO Production, and currently hold the title Manager, West Coast Production. 


But who am I you ask? 


I am an introvert with the ability to be an extrovert, so I love my own time and space, but I also love being around like-minded people. I love an adventure and every single day I look to challenge myself in one way or another. It might be a small mental challenge like addressing an anxiety, or it might be something physical like a 20-mile hike up and down two mountains with a busted knee. If you’re not challenging yourself, then you’re likely not improving either. 


Self reflection is something I strive to do every day. How can I be better? What did I learn from that experience? How can my actions affect others around me? 


I believe in balance. Self-care is integral, but you’ve got to have fun too. My career aspirations continue to grow, though I choose not to limit myself. When someone asks me where I would like to be in 5-years my general response is that I would like to be better in all aspects of my life. More intelligent, healthier of body and mind and doing much, much more to help those around me also live an enjoyable and secure life. 


Maybe you’re the same, or maybe you’re not. Either way I expect you’ll find our podcast interesting, informative and hopefully inspiring. 


Let’s make the world a better place!