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Ish                          with                                A Brit


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About      The Pod

Shootin' the Ish with a Brit is hosted by Jen, a Black American woman, and David, a White British man.


David currently resides in Los Angeles, and Jen is in New York.


The bi-coastal duo discuss various topics from an anti-racist and anti-supremacist lens as they develop a relationship with their guests and listeners alike.

They hope to balance the oh-so-funny and the oh-so-serious in a safe and open space built for them, their guests and community.

They like to have fun while they learn and improve. They're so excited to continue on that journey with you!


Latest Episode

S3 Ep. 13: Relationships w/2020


2020 has been one helluva year!

For the season finale, join us in reflecting on how you bonded with 2020. Was it tumultuous? Triumphant? A bit of both?

What we can agree on is that it was a year that changed us forever. And for that, we are grateful...yet it came with some bruises for some of us.

What about 2020 would YOU like to put in apartment 4E?

All of Season 3 is focused on RELATIONSHIPS. 

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Co-Host and Producer


Co-Host and Producer